English Sycamore

David Haig Rocking Chair English Sycamore
David Haig Rocking Chair English Sycamore

English Sycamore


No other timber conveys the Monogram chair’s purity of form as eloquently as creamy white sycamore. Like a black and white image, there is nothing to distract the eye from the sculptural presence. 

Sycamore wood has a fine smooth texture, subtle grain markings, and a lustrous shimmering surface quality. It is also strong, dense and supple.

It is the only chair that David does not finish with hand-rubbed oils, instead having it spray-finished with a very clear and hard-wearing lacquer that he has found to be the best for enhancing and retaining its exceptional whiteness.

English Sycamore is also know as Acer Pseudoplatanus.



There are very few wood species that are suitable for making the Monogram rocking chair, in terms of strength, bendability and appearance. The steam bending process requires timber that has been naturally air-dried, where almost all commercially available timber has been dried in heated kilns. As a result David has to source and often mill and process suitable trees himself.

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